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Generation X #9

Writer: Scott Lobdell

Penciller: Tom Grummett

Inker(s): Buckingham & Milgrom

Colours: Steve Buccellato & Electric Crayon

Cover: Chris Bachalo

Rating: **

Summary: Generation X are still trapped in this alternate dimension with fairies, pixies, dragons etc.

Husk, Jubilee and M are trying to make the glamour machine work. Outside the castle door, Skin and Penance are face to face with a dragon and Skin heads back inside to get an explanation from the Grande Dame. She explains that the dragon is, basically, a bully so Angelo heads back out.

Meanwhile Sean, Emma and Eamon, the little man, make their way out of the castle but run into a troll. Nearby Chamber and Synch have been led to the home of the elves they saved, and agree to help them even further. They hear Banshee's sonic scream and follow the sound, dropping down on the troll attacking their teachers.

Back at the castle Angelo has taken on the dragon, while Penance watches. Inside M is still zoned out. Husk morphs into a stronger, metal form and with Jubilee's help manages to open the glamour machine. Just then Banshee, Chamber, Synch and the White Queen arrive with the little elven people. It appears that the Grande Dame terrorises the little people and Banshee isn't happy about it.

Outside Skin is still wrestling with the dragon and it seems that he's fighting a losing battle. Until Penance decides to take a hand in the matter.

Inside M reveals that the glamour machine needs a power source, but neither Emma's telepathy or Sean's sonics will work. Jubilee and Chamber realise that his power could be the answer and Jono steps into the glamour machine. There's a huge explosion from within, and a few moments later Jono steps out again, exhausted. It appears that his power was sufficient and the Grande Dame along with the 'little' people celebrate. Angelo and Penance return from defeating the dragon, but Husk isn't impressed. The castle will return to Ireland come sunrise, and the GenXer's along with it. In one of the castle's turrets Monet and Emma talk, M isn't pleased with what she did that day. Despite the fact that she, to all intents and purposes, saved the day.

Comments: I still don't like this story arc, but the dialogue between the GenX members made it bearable. Tom Grummett's art is fine, but Paige and Emma are almost indistinguishable and all the characters seem to have unusually high foreheads. But at least the GenXer's look like teens.