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Real name: Everett Thomas

Age: 16

Place of Birth: St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.

Known relatives: Stan Thomas (father), Ida Thomas (mother), Kim Ho Twae (adopted sister), adopted brother.

Group affiliation: none, (former) Generation X

First appearance: X-Men #36

Last appearance: Generation X #70

Height: 5'11''

Weight: 165 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black (shaved bald)

History: Ev grew up a straight-A student in St. Louis, Missouri. When his mutant powers first surfaced he synched with Banshee causing him to let out a sonic scream which shattered the windows of houses in the surrounding area. He then joined with Banshee, Jubilee, Sabretooth and the White Queen to save a group of young mutants (Blink, Husk, M & Skin) from the Phalanx entity Harvest. Although they succeeded in defeating Harvest they owed their victory in no small part to Blink who sacrificed her life to save her friends. The young mutants (Jubilee, Husk, M, Skin & Synch) all decided to attend the Massachusetts Academy to better learn how to control their powers.

As a member of Generation X Synch has faced many foes but their most determined enemy has been Emplate, the brother of M. The second time the team encountered him he turned Synch into a being who feeds on the bone marrow of others like himself, Emplate then sent Synch to St. Louis to harm his family. Although Synch resisted Emplate's influence he needed the combined efforts of Jubilee, Husk and M to revert him to normal.

As a result of the machinations of Adrienne Frost, Everett is now dead. He died protecting other students from an explosion.

Strength level: Normal for a man his age, weight and height who engages in intensive regular exercise. (If he is synched to a mutant with superhuman strength then his own strength will increase temporarily.)

Known superhuman abilities: Ev possesses an aura which allows him to be 'in synch' with other mutants near him, this allows him to gain any powers they might have. The powers he gains while 'synched' to another mutant only remain with him while he is near that person. Once the person moves a certain distance away the powers Synch gained begin to fade. Synch can also use his aura to track down other mutants by locking onto their mutagenic bio-signature with his aura which will extend in the general direction of the person he has locked on to. When Synch uses his powers a multi-coloured aura surrounds his body. It has been theorised that Synch may one day be able to permanently retain powers he has acquired, making him the potentially most powerful being on the planet.