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The White Queen

Real name: Emma Frost

Age: 20's

Occupation: Teacher at the Xavier Institute, CEO of Frost International, (former) Headmistress of the Massachusetts Academy,

Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Known relatives: Adrienne Frost (sister, deceased), Cordelia Frost (sister).

Group affiliation: (current) X-Men, (former) Generation X, Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club.

First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #132

Height: 5'10''

Weight: 144 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde

History: Emma Frost was born into a wealthy and respected Boston family. She enjoyed a privileged life until she reached puberty and her telepathic powers emerged. She began to hear voices in her head and her parents, ashamed of their daughter, sent her to a mental institution. There the young Emma was abused by the guards. Then, one night, she realised that if she could hear other people's voices in her head maybe she could make them hear her voice in their's. She psi-whispered to a guard "take me out of here" and that was it. She escaped from the institution and began to build a new life for herself with her telepathic abilties. Using her mental powers she would forge invitations to elite social gatherings and glean information from the minds of those around her about the stock market etc. She used the information she gathered to build her own financial empire, eventually becoming the majority shareholder in multi-billion dollar company which was renamed Frost International after her.

Eventually her success brought her to the attention of the Hellfire Club, an elite social organisation of the world's wealthiest and most powerful individuals. Becoming a member of the club Frost also gained Sebastian Shaw, another mutant, as an ally. The two overthrew the Lord Cardinals and the Council of the Chosen (the ruling body of the Hellfire Club). Renaming the Council of the Chosen the 'Inner Circle' Shaw became the Black King and Frost the White Queen. Under their control the Hellfire Club came to consist mainly of people with superhuman abilities. Frost then set up her own school, the Massachusetts Academy, to train young mutants. She called this team the Hellions.

The White Queen's first encounter with the X-Men was when both she and Xavier tried to recruit Katherine Pryde (aka Shadowcat) for their respective teams. Frost failed and from then on the Hellions and the New Mutants, the then junior X-Men team, battled many times. The X-Men did join with the Hellions to protect her from Trevor Fitzroy and the sentinels. The result of that battle was the demise of the Hellions and Emma fell into a coma as a result of her injuries. Her body was kept in the med-lab at the X-Men's mansion. While there an accident occurred which caused her mind to be put into Iceman's body and vice versa. When her mind was returned to her own body she helped Banshee, Jubilee, Sabretooth and Synch rescue the next generation of mutants from the Phalanx. She then reassumed her role as headmistress of the Massachusetts Academy. At one time she was forced to ask her sister, Adrienne Frost, for help with the school. This resulted in Adrienne taking over the school and attempting to kill Generation X. She then disappeared and Emma, once more, reassumed her position as headmistress.

Adrienne later returned to attack the Academy. In this attack Everett Thomas (aka Synch) was killed and Emma consequently shot and killed her sister.

AFter the closure of the Academy Emma has become a member of the X-Men. Initially she was teaching on the island nation of Genosha which was home to many mutants. When the island was attacked by sentinels (robots designed to hunt and kill mutants) Emma's students were all killed. Emma survived due to the emergence of a secondary mutation, the ability to turn her body into a diamond like substance making her nigh invulnerable. She then joined the X-Men at the Xavier Institute. She has recently embarked on a 'psychic affair' with Scott Summers (aka Cyclops).

Strength level: Normal for a woman her age, weight and height who engages in moderate regular exercise.

Known superhuman abilites: Emma can turn her body into a diamond like substance. Telepathy - the ability to read and control the minds of others as well as broadcast her own thoughts. She can also generate psionic bolts which can stun a person or cause pain. Emma loses access to her telepathy when she is in her diamond form.

Non-mutant skill: Emma is skilled in the areas of electronic theory and electronics.

Note: Emma has displayed latent telekinetic abilities (see Generation X #19 for details.)