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Recommended Reading

Here you can find brief reviews of other comic books on sale. Usually these will be comics that are directly related to Generation X but occasionally books published by other companies will be spotlighted. This month: Fortune and Glory

Fortune and Glory:
A True Hollywood Story

Creator: Brian Michael Bendis.

Published by Oni Press.

Retails at around $15.

For mature readers.

Blurb (copied exactly from the back cover):
In this brand new graphic novel, Bendis gives a hilarious yet shockingly honest portrayal of his fascinating personal Hollywood experiences. Go on an inside tour filled with a fantastically eccentric cast of characters filling anecdotes so outrageous they have to be true.

Although this section is called 'Recommended Reading', it is more a mixture of comics/graphic novels recommended because they relate directly to Generation X, are actually worth reading, or both. The reason I wish to clarify this is that the last comic featured in this section was X-Treme X-Men #1. That was recommended solely because it features characters that exist in the same world as the GenXer's and would give you knowledge of characters outside of Generation X. Suffice to say it won't happen again. From now on I will feature comics that I actually believe to be worth your time and money, regardless of whether they are related to GenX or not. X-Treme X-Men is not a comic that should be recommended to neophyte comic readers.

Now to focus on Fortune and Glory. It's good. Very good. Ok? Fine. More details.
Mr. Bendis takes you from the very beginnings of his Hollywood experiences to where he currently is with his movie projects. And by the end you realise just how messed up Hollywood, hell, the whole of Los Angelos is. Which is great because for some strange reason I always enjoy seeing how parts of America are totally screwed up. (Probably get a load of hate mail for that.) Anyway even the most frustrating memories of his experiences are viewed in the 'day-has-come-where-I-laugh-about-all-this' way. Which, in turn, allows you to laugh. A lot. In fact the term 'a laugh a minute' would not be hyperbole in the case of this book. While I was reading it I burst into giggles so many times that my sister threatened to take it away from me so that she could watch TV in peace.

So to summarise: It's funny. Very funny. You don't have to be a comic book fan to enjoy it. You get another view on the silicone bubble that is L.A. and an inside look at the process of you go through to get people to look at your script. And it's funny.

Brian Michael Bendis' work includes (deep breath): Jinx, Torso, Fire, Goldfish, Powers, Sam and Twitch, Hellspawn, Ultimate Spider-man, Ultimate Marvel Team-up, Daredevil, Daredevil: Ninja and Elektra. Upcoming projects include Alias from Marvel's MAX line of adult comics and more Daredevil, also from Marvel.


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