This tour will bring you to Achill Island and it's 3000 people.

No need for ferries here as you can drive onto it.
Take the Newport road out of Westport. On arrival in Newport see the seven arched Viaduct which used to carry the train to Achill.

A few miles outside Mulrany there is a sign for Carrigahowley Castle. This was once a home of Grainuail the famouse sea pirate, this has been renovated and visitors can get the key at the house just beside it.
For people who are familiar with Grainuaile this castle would probably be known to them as Rockfleet.

Carry on from here to Mulrany with its fine beaches and nine hole golf course, for those wanting to drive something else besides the car.

At Achill Sound you cross onto mainland Achill Island. Here there are many fine drives with winding roads and cliff edge descents for the careful driver. The Atlantic drive is a must. This will bring you right around the island. At Keel look out for the Dolphins and Basking Sharks playing together at the beach side. For those wanting a swim don't be put off as these sharks are Vegetarian.

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