Date of last update: 7/27/2007

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Welcome to the Rock Surname DNA Project website. The purpose of this site is to try and DNA test as many Rocks worldwide as possible. Primarily those who originated in the Islands of Britain and Ireland. DNA is a valuable aid in the research of the origins the Rock surname and its distribution. The DNA project has already re-established links with many lost family branches.

The Rock Surname Project website will facilitate and try to actively promote the aims of the project and to be a central point of access for existing and pending results and analysis. The Rock Surname project is committed to ensuring its results will be publicly available via this website.

Family Tree DNA* are now using DNA research to find connections between Rock families in North America, Australia, New Zealand and the Islands of Britain and Ireland. This site will give you a detailed description of the Project, the current project status and up to date test results. This site will also provide information on DNA and how to sign-up to the DNA project. Ordering forms are available here and we also provide a link to the main Rock Surname Website.

*There are other DNA Laboratories and Institutes offering a similar service, some commercial and some for research purposes.,,

What have the DNA results so far revealed? - Some Great Successes

Aside from the personal matches revealed for each individual, there are seven members who all appear to be related, they all originated in County Armagh Ireland. This is a personal success for these people and shows how in the absence of paper trails how DNA can achieve success. Reuniting a once close knit clan, from now scattered communities, all sharing the same surname and heritage. The most dramatic appears to be member John Joseph Barrett who matches the Rocks of Armagh. Indeed he believes his existing surname is not his correct genealogy and the DNA results show this to be the case. Not only has it solved his personal quest, but it has opened a closed door on his personal history, it has closed another. Another member Jim Rock only tested in January 2006, by September he was reunited with his lost cousins in Armagh.

There are Rocks with R1b1c7 Haplotype - associated with the Northwest Irish Modal Haplotype, these are settled on the Meath/Dublin borders having been anciently associated with the Ui Fiachra of County Sligo.

Important: The Armagh Rocks are so tightly clustered and so closely matching it is a great way to determine your ancestry if you suspect it is from Ireland.

In terms of identifying an indigenous Irish origin for the surname the answer is most probably yes. Of the 14 results in, ten are of the generic Haplogroup R1b found in Ireland all with different haplotypes, but which all have an identifiable indigenous Irish origin.

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Important Consideration if you are thinking of taking the DNA Test

Please contact Aaron or Austin Rock at the email links below. Remember joining a group scheme is far cheaper as you will get the group discounted rate. You own the results NOT the surname project. But do contact us first, we would like to hear from you anyway.

If you have any questions, suggestions or corrections about the project please contact Austin Rock or Aaron Rock
Contact: Austin Rock [Dublin - Ireland] or Aaron Rock [Hamilton City - Canada]