Chronological History

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Date Manufacturer Scale Date Completed Comments
German Tiger I Tamiya 1/35th July 2000 1st Model in 20 years - Diorama includes Transformer Tower by Remi. First time ever using washes, dry brushing & spray can!!!. Used the wrong base colour, so the weathering didn't stand out too well.
Panzer Grenadier's Tamiya 1/35th July 2000 Used with above
Russian T-62a Tamiya 1/35th September 2000 Weathering was more effective with the lighter base colour.
German Pzkpfw III Tamiya 1/35th November 2000 With diorama, <including Cat Litter!!!) used the Machine Gunner's from the Panzer Grenadiers set.
Received a gift from a friend of a 1/72 A-90 Tankbuster. My conviction to get a Airbrush was reinforced when the paint job came out poorly - shame, it was a good kit. Bought a PzPkfw IV, built it, but didn't paint it.
Aztec Double-action Airbrush Kit August 2001 See Airbrush section for more details.
German JagdPanther Academy 1/25th August 2001 Bought this with the express intention of have a large scale kit to work with my brand new Airbrush
German Pzkpfw IV Tamiya 1/35th November 2001 This was sitting on a shelf for nearly a year, waited for Airbrush before completing.
German Sturmtiger Tamiya 1/35th November 2001 Getting more confident using the Airbrush. Good kit this.

March 2002 - Purchased 1/16th Tiger I (Display version) - in no rush to start - want to do it right.

San Mateo Constructo 1/90th June 2002 The biggest project by far to date.
See section Other Stuff for more details
German Panther Academy 1/25th June 2002 This kit was purchased December 2000, but it looked kinda bad when photographed. So I didn't include it on the site. But in preparation for starting the 1/16th Tiger, I wanted to practice another spray job. Used a scheme not usually associated with the Panther - but not totally inaccurate I'd imagine.
Made good use of some of the left over sail cloth from the Mateo kit for simulating a canvas sheet on the hull rear.
Not sure that I was in the right frame of mind for this one. Not only was I returning to an old kit - my mind was probably more on the big Tiger!!!
German Tiger I Tamiya 1/16th August 2002 See the section Tiger 16 for a detailed overview of this project.
German JagdTiger Dragon 1/35th February 2003








This was a strange kit for me. I'd always wanted to build one, and for the most part was quite pleased with the outcome.
This is the first Dragon kit I’d bought. The inclusion of  photo-etched parts was very welcome indeed. Its such a pity that Tamiya don’t do this. However, the quality of the plastic and moulding is not quite up to Tamiya standard. Placing the upper hull parts of the two Tiger variant kits next to each other, Tamiya is still the best. It can be clearly seen in the panel lines, they are far better defined on the Tamiya part. But nothing too significant really. The biggest disappointment it the quality of the plastic. It's really quite poor - small parts are very easy to damage when removing them from the sprun. In fact I had to use wire for the hatch handles because the plastic one's broke (blessing in disguise really). After avoiding the application of Zimmerit coating to a number of models I finally bit the bullet and gave it a go on this one - not perfect, but as good as I could have hoped for as a first attempt - the next one should be better - Project Introduction
German Tiger II Tamiya 1/35th February 2003 Not much to say about this one really. Very well done kit - enjoyed making it. The ambush scheme came out quite well.  Also really happy with the weathering. One day I'll do the figures and make up a diorama.