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Auditions for boys and girls are normally held in late January. While proficient keyboard skills are an obvious advantage, the principal aim of the judges is to assess the musical potential of each candidate and to determine whether the award of a scholarship would be of long term benefit to the student.

The normal practical requirements for audition are:

  • To play two pieces on the candidate's instrument of choice. (No degree of difficulty is stipulated, but examiners look for a musical performance.) Another instrument may also be presented
  • To read at sight on the chosen instrument
  • To sing one song
  • To sing at sight a simple melody
  • To take some aural tests at a grade level where the candidate is comfortable

Normally, five-year scholarships are awarded to students commencing their secondary education, though older students are also sometimes accepted. Student progress is annually reviewed to ensure that students are responding positively to their scholarship.

To apply for audition or further information, please contact the Director, Gerard Lillis.


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