Irish Chiefs

Irish Chiefs

Updated: Irish Chiefswatch



Review of Peter Berresford Ellis, Erin's Blood Royal

Statement of Former Chief Herald, October 2001

Letter of Terence MacCarthy to the Deputy
Chief Herald of Ireland 1991

Response to Coat of Arms Charges

Updated:  Irish Heraldic Officials 1552-Date

Allied Topics

Updated: An Irish Arms Crisis

The Niadh Nask: An Alleged Irish Order of Knighthood

Report on the Pedigree and Arms of John Andrew Davison, Styled the Count of Clandermond

Report on the Pedigree, Titles and Arms of Thomas Shannon Foran, Styled Duc de Saint Bar

Report on the Irish Registered Grants of Maria Pia, Styled Duchess of Braganza

Irish Feudal Titles

Castle in the Clouds

Grant of Episcopal Arms to Bishop Pat Buckley

Removed for revision May 2013: Memorandum
on the Role of Irish Chief Herald Slevin in the Design
of the European Flag

Fakes Abroad

Updated: Report on 'Akins of That Ilk' and 'Lebor Feasa Runda'

Report on the Pedigree of Michel Lafosse,
Styled Prince Michael of Albany

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