Updated: 14/09/2006

The Lone Rangers: Comedy/drama

"Fecking American sitcoms. Ten a
fecking penny. But they all
follow the same story. Lies,
fuckups and misunderstandings."

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Logline: Two movie obsessed friends with nothing in the world left to lose, get dragged head first into an "almost life" of crime.

Synopsis: Jim and Tom, two life-long friends, find themselves passed over by the Celtic tiger and are trapped in small town life. No jobs, no girlfriends and no prospects. 

They try to escape their lifeís with music, movies, comics, girls and basically anything that can make their lifeís a little more tolerable. 

Just when they think it can't get any worse, corrupt Garda Murphy decides they are just what he needs.  Murphy, is a modern day Fagin, using young delinquents for his own personnel gain. He sets his sights on the two, using them for as long as he deems fit. The two friends know what Murphy has in store for them, jail time or worse. 

They are left with little choice. They need a quick win, something that will give them enough money to escape the town and Murphy for good. 

Their journey into crime is a comical collection of error and dysfunction, as the two attempt a life they are clearly not equipped for. 

Update: Submitted to a couple of Production Companies (after they requested it). But may get bogged by it's Irish(ness) and get Lost in translation....

The story opens with the two in the middle of a botched robbery of a betting office. They find themselves trapped by a street full of armed Gardai and soldiers. They take the only route open to them, to go out in a blaze of movie glory. The fact they are carrying pellet guns doesnít seem to deter them. 

As the story progresses, it shows the events leading up to that faithful day in the betting office. Has one of Tomís not so brilliant ideas taken the two too far?


At the time of writing this, it was entered in The Tiernan MacBride Screenwriting Award (Ireland) see here. I wasn't selected and received a review harsh enough for me to hang up my typewriter. When you find words like "inconsequential" , "meandering", "anti climax", "immaturity" to reference just a few. I expected it to be harsh, but after a  couple of hundred reviews from people who liked it, not as harsh. Should have known when they referenced a competition in 2005. Referred to it as the 2004 and gave it in 2006 (picky, I know: but there you go). Didn't read like it was for amateur writers as it was intended. One amusing note, it was compared with Reservoir Dogs - which was also referenced with contempt. Strange being one of the most successful and influential independent films in history.

Lone rangers has managed to get into the final eleven of the "The People's Movie Screenplay Competition".

A list of the eleven titles under review is provided below.  They are in alphabetical order.

A Point in Time
Chapel Hill
Crew (The)
Garden of Eden (The)
Just Another Day
Life Forgotten
Lone Rangers (The)
Parallel Crimes
What Dreams Become

Printed version has been sent (to be received end of February)  Final selection late March 2006. Read more about the competition here and here. With some luck .....

This has been delayed because of other propities, so may not get any decision until June 2006.

Notes: I wanted to write a low budget comedy after I finished Utopia-1. To both prove to myself I could write another and write something different.

Trivia: Jim and Tom was originally called Jimmy and Tommy but some readers got confused. They are based on part on my wife's Father and my own - both no longer with us.

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Read the first ten pages here.

Read reviewers comments here.

Read the first ten pages of the Ireland based version (Irish accents)  here.

Read Random Scene: here.

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