Taxi-Bus Hire 

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  • Tom Murphy, Killanure. Tel: 054-77632 
    Bus hire only.
  • Eamonn Cowman, Irish Street, Tel: 054-77163
    Bus hire only
  • Kevin Morrissey, Ryland. Tel: 054-77162  
    Bus hire only.
  • W.C.L. Main Street.  Tel: 054-76000 or 087-6866532
    Bus + Taxi hire.
  • Hackney HireTel: 054-776996 - 086-8947326

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Driving Schools


  • Bunclody School of Motoring 6 Carrigbawn, Bunclody.
    Tel: 054-77732 
  • Shamrock School of Motoring Graiguebeg, Bunclody.
    Tel: 054-77079

Emergency Response Ltd

  • Emergency Response Ltd. is located Ryland Road, Bunclody. They provide push button pendants which can be activated in an emergency. Activating the pendant, sends a signal to the monitors at Ryland Road.

  • For more information on this and other products and services, visit their web site at:


Our Police force - called Gardaí- are, except for special units, unarmed.

  • Bunclody Station, Telephone  054-77102
  • Area HQ, Gorey Co. Wexford.  Telephone 055-21222

Fire Service

Bunclody has an effective fire service manned by local volunteers.

  • Fire Brigade, Bunclody, Telephone: 054-77172
  • Fire Brigade,  Enniscorthy, Telephone: 054-33271


  • Bill Mernagh, Ryland.  Tel:  054-77629
  • Donal  McDonald, Drumderry.  Tel: 054-77244

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  • Brendan Loftus, Main Street.  Tel: 054-77529
  • Frank Thornton, Main Street.  Tel: 054-77800