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Skibbereen Fire Brigade was formed in 1944 at a public meeting held in the Town Hall. Initially only six men began training under the direction of a Mr. Kilty who was a Second Fire Officer. Cork County Council following the signing of an agreement in September of 1944, for a consideration of 10 per annum and an undertaking that the Skibbereen Urban Council would provide suitable accomodation,the Urban Council were granted the use of a trailer pump and other fire fighting equipment. This agreement was signed on behalf of the Urban Council by the then Chairman, Mr. Michael Sheehy and the County Manager Mr. J.F.Wrenne. It was also signed by Mr. Andrew McCarthy who was Acting Town Clerk and who was in the interm period appointed as Station Officer.

The names of the original six men and all that have served in the brigade can be found under Crews. The enlistment and retirement dates (where known) of each individual is noted. We have placed RIP after the names of our deceased members.

Mr. Dan O' Donovan of Market Street was the first permanently appointed Station Officer and served in that capacity until his death on 10/05/1965 which occurred as a result of an injury received while attending a fire call some weeks previously. Kevin Donelan, who was Sub-Officer at the time was promoted to Station Officer, a post which he held until his resignation in 1984. Frank Fahy was appointed Station Officer in 1984 and currently serves in that Office. Station Officer Fahy has the longest service ever in Skibbereen Fire Brigade and is one of the longest serving in the Cork County Fire Service. A list of other members who have held rank can be found in Crews. S.O. denotes Station Officer, S.S.O denotes Sub-Station Officer & D&M denotes Driver & Mechanic.

The Brigade have attended almost 3500 incidents since it was established. The more notable incidents would be the Flaxmill fire in Skibbereen which burned for almost three days and which was attended by assisting Units from Bantry. Dunmanway and Clonakilty.The Town Hall fire in the fifties and the Brigade also played a major role in the containment of the 1979 Betelguese oil tanker disaster at Whiddy Island in which 50 people lost their lives.


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