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Be Wise on the Net

The Internet is a fun way to learn new things and talk to new people. Here are some tips to help you to have good experiences on the Internet.

  1. TALK to your teacher in your school about what you do on the Internet, especially when you find an interesting web site.
  2. ALWAYS keep your name, address, phone number and passwords secret from people you may meet on the Internet.
  3. NEVER send your photo to anyone on the Internet.
  4. USE your bookmark or favourites folder to store the Web sites you visit. This will help you keep a list of all the cool sites you have visited.
  5. TELL your teacher if you receive
    • Emails, Web sites, chat rooms or other messages that have pictures or words that upset you.
    • An invitation to have a face-to-face meeting with an online friend.
    • An invitation to meet online friends in a private area of a chat room.
    • Emails with attachments as they may have a virus and your teacher may need to check it before you open/download it.
  6. ALWAYS be polite when in contact with others on the Internet.

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