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Brackenstown House

Brackenstown House.jpgBrackenstown House was formerly the home of Chief Baron Bysse who was visited there by Cromwell during his military expedition in Ireland.

The Moleworths

Bysse’s daughter married a Molesworth, and the house passed into the hands of the Molesworths who were created Viscounts of Swords. Lord Molesworth lived there in the time of Dean Swift, and it was to him that Swift addressed Drapier Letters.

O'Callaghan Family

During the early part of the 20th century, Brackenstown House had a chequered history. It was owned by the O’Callaghan family and burned in 1912 as a result of a family feud. It was rebuilt in 1915, and this date is shown clearly on a plaque on the front of the house. This family left Ireland suddenly on the evening of the murders at Croke Park in 1920 (Bloody Sunday), and the house was occupied by the IRA as a billet for some time.

Patrick Campbell

The house was acquired in the late 1920s by Pansy Pagecroft, and she lived there with her partner, Harry Ussher, the horse trainer. She died in 1942, but left a life tenancy to Ussher who died in 1957. The house was purchased in 1961 by the Assistant Master of the Rotunda, Raymond Cross. He lived there until 1969, and the house was sold in 1972 to Cirus Investments. Stephen Larkin bought the house, but did not reside in it. He sold it to Patrick Campbell in 1979, but he did not reside in it until 1983.

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