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Membership of the Clans Society is open to all, worldwide, who can show they are of Tierney decent.

The main aim of the Society is to safeguard the heritage of Tierney descendants worldwide through research and education.

We also seek to unite and expand The Tierney Clans and in doing so assist one another in compiling our family histories.

This website is an information centre for members of The Tierney Clans Society and any persons of the Tierney name endeavouring to trace their roots - a very difficult task.

Please feel free to browse our website and contact us with any queries, comments or information you might have about The Tierney Clan.

We would welcome sincerely and gratefully any information, family histories, photos etc. of use and interest to the society that individuals might wish to donate.

The Tierney Clans Society is a registered Charity - Charity No. 13279 – and is affiliated to

The Clans of Ireland Organisation.


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