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Some Useful Forms


      Member Application/Registration Form - for application for membership.

      General Register Copy Form – for application to the General Register Office for a birth certificate.



Registration Form for membership of The Tierney Clans Society


The Tierney Clan was formed by DR. Margaret Tierney in 1990, and is aimed at uniting all of Tierney descent worldwide.  Clan members in many countries

maintain contact with one another via our quarterly Tierney Clan Newsletter, and also as penfriends. Members assist one another with family history research.

Tierney Clan Gatherings are regularly held in Ireland.

The Clan has members in most counties of Ireland, as well as in, England, Scotland, France, Australia, New Zealand and U.S.A.

 When a new member joins the Clan, their name and address are immediately entered in the Clan Register. These details together with brief ancestry details,

when supplied, are featured in the next issue of the Tierney Clan Newsletter, unless otherwise requested. This is done so that other Clan members may correspond

with the new members as penfriends. New members are forwarded a copy of the most recent Tierney Clan Newsletter, together with a copy of the basic Tierney

history, featuring our Coat of Arms.

Members are also encouraged to forward their own family history details to the Clan Organiser for cross-checking with those of other members, to see if there are

any ‘links’ in their ancestry and thus to locate some previously-unknown relatives.

To join please complete the Membership Registration form and mail it, together with the appropriate remittance to;

Cahir Tierney, Naomh Antoine, 53 Ard Aoibhinn, Athenry, Co. Galway, Ireland.


Please remember to enclose the appropriate fee of €12.00 [which equates to US$17.00, or Australian $ 25.00, or Sterling £10.00]. Although payment in these

currencies are acceptable, it would be very much appreciated and preferred if payment were made by means of a prime Euro Bankers Draft/Cheque on Dublin 


Please remember that clans are non-profit making organisations and people work on a voluntary basis.

Please include an International Reply Coupon for a speedy response.


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Request for a Photocopy of an entry in a Register (GRO)


The Register Form will allow the Clan Organiser to request a photocopy of an entry in the General Register Office, Dublin on your behalf.

The entry could be a Birth, Marriage or Death of a Tierney relative or ancestor.

This form can be printed and then copied for as many as you need.


Completed General Register Forms should be sent, together with the Registry fee of €3.00, to:

Cahir Tierney, Naomh Antoine, 53 Ard Aoibhinn, Athenry, Co. Galway, Ireland.


It is regretted but this facility is strictly available only to members of the Tierney Clan Society.


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