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Archive - 19/08/2001 - The Founding

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Yes - Its the first strip of a new webcomic, an occasion to be savoured by the very few people who would know about it at this stage. At the moment I have more art in the gallery than I have strips, but that will all change. Soon! Yes, soon.

After a few years of reading webcomics I decided to have a crack at my own - and this is the result. I hope I will be able to stick to a reasonable update schedule as I head into first year college.

Anyway, for this webcomic I have used a fairly simple site design - a cast page, archives, links page, and a gallery of my non-vaultkeepers art. I plan to include a fan art page as well - once, that is, I get some fans. Also on my wish list is a forum, and maybe some other stuff that I can't think of right now. At the moment though, all these things are pretty useless, as, of course, I have no readership.

Today's strip is about the launch of The Vault, where all the action will be based. It is an all-round area for gamers of all kinds to play and buy games and stuff like comics and posters and stuff. It has a LAN area(rented for internet access and multiplayer games) and computer game shop in one room, a load of wargames tables and stuff in another room, and tables and stuff for RPGs and card games in other rooms. Such a place would be a haven for gamers, but it unfortunately only exists in my imagination - and probably somewhere in the U.S.

Thanks to Piro and Largo from Megatokyo for being my prime inspiration(only they don't know it yet) and to Scott Kurz of PVP Online for being the first webcomic I stumbled upon and getting me addicted to the damn things(and for writing an excellently funny comic)..

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