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Look! A comic! After 1.5 years of no comics!

Fancy that. In the meantime, Ive gone through first and second year of Science in college. (Just got my results, and it looks like ill be there for a third year as well - with my 2H1 in Geology). And I dont have to do maths anymore! w00t!

In the meantime I have been aquiring myself somewhat more of a life. But hey, I remembered how much I enjoyed drawing, and decided to start up again, albeit on a more random schedule, because strips take a bit more time than I usually have. However, I have changed to what is hopefully a faster art style, not shown here, as this strip still had to be finished off. Anyway, still have my storyline plan (found it at the bottom of a desk drawer) and character bios and stuff.

Also started reading loads of new comics! Most of which can now be found in the links section!

I also got a new PC at home, which is well swish, with a huge flatscreen monitor and all the works for graphics. As a result, I have a load of old games to finish, like Age of Wonders, Deus Ex and System Shock 2 (Which just got a prettiness upgrade, courtesy of the wonderful people here).

Just saw the Matrix Reloaded. Quite the buisness, as expected. Although heres hoping for more scenes in the real world in Revolutions. And fighting with those cool mech suit things (as the trailer at the end showed). Kind of on a par with Equilibrium though, which was fuckin' excellent.


Anything else? No. 'Fraid not. Liven up my boring life by making a post in the VaultKeepers Forum!

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