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Since Tony Byrne submitted his "Memories of the Whitworth in the 40's and 50's "  to the local Drogheda newspapers recently, there has been great interest around the town about Benjamin Whitworth and the mystery of the Whitworth Monument. Some questions in particular keep being asked:
- Where is the Whitworth Monument now?
- What are the circumstances surrounding its           
  mysterious disappearance from the North Quay?
- Can the monument be retrieved and reinstated?

Whitworth monument image

The Whitworth monument, on the North Quay, sometime around 1900 (courtesy of the National Gallery)

Perhaps some of these questions may soon be answered. Further letters to the local newspapers have confirmed that the monument is indeed buried at a site in Newtownstalaban, just outside Drogheda. Just how it got there, and who authorised its removal is not yet clear, but as the letters below indicate, many townspeople feel that the monument should be retrieved and re-erected.


letter to editor, 1st june

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1st. June 2005, Drogheda Leader, Letter to the Editor

The writer of this letter calls the removal of the Whitworth Monument as "the biggest act of vandalism ever carried out on the people of Drogheda". The writer also calls for Drogheda Borough Council to order an enquiry, and appeals for anyone who has any information to come forward.

letter to editor, 8th. june

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8th. June, Drogheda Leader, Letter to the Editor

This letterwriter worked part-time in Drogheda docks in the 1960's and he outlines the part he played in dismantling the monument and removing it to a yard in Newtownstalaban, just outside Drogheda.

Reilly's eye, 17th. june

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17th. June, Drogheda Independent, Reilly's Eye

This weekly commentry of events in the town notes the previous letters and supports the view that the Whitworth monument should be "dug up and returned to the people of Drawda".

letter to editor, 22 june

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22nd. June, Drogheda Leader, Letter to the Editor

The writer of this letter remembers from some years back that the Drogheda Corporation members of the time voted to erect a plaque in memory of Benjamin Whitworth, but asks the question where is the plaque?

letter to editor, 1994

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1 st . June 1994, Drogheda Independent

Dating from 1994, this letter to the editor of the Drogheda Independent, shows that the disappearance of the Whitworth Monument has been on the minds of Drogheda people for many years.


Should the Whitworth monument be retrieved?

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