Welcome again to another issue of Tuar Ceatha!

The response from the last two has inspired us to continue with its publication.We feel it is important and necessary to let people know more about issues that affect not just the people on this Island but people everywhere. We are all connected and are therefore all responsible for our actions. If you find anything of interest (we try and make it as interesting as possible for all ages, shapes, sizes, sexes, colours, class, creeds) enjoy it take it in and maybe it will help you in some way. This magazine is a voluntary effort which does not seek to make a profit, however, because of things and the way they are we must pay for printing so please get the 50p to us , its not a lot ,and we do understand how tough it is to get it together, considering how busy we have made our lives. O-B 1 K NO B.

This issue goes to print at the dawning of summer (hopefully!). We plan to light fires on the hills around the country to celebrate Bealtaine. They are being lit on the night of the full Moon.

It is our hope that we may unite the country through these fires North South East West and Middle. They have not being lit for a long time and it is being done in an effort to unite the country and rekindle the sense of pride and community spirit which is often missing in these days of commercialism and fast living.

This magazine it is hoped may provide you the reader with something to feel touch see that IS goin' on in this here crazy time on Planet Earth.

Back to Bach, Back to Basics!!!


We are co-creators
We are a group of people who have come together to form a nationwide network which seeks, by democratic means, to raise general awareness about the integrity of our native treasures. The People, the Land, the Waters, the Air, and especially, Places which enshrine our Past. The Mountains and the Valleys, the Forests, Bogs, and all places of unique value in terms of our Past, Present and Future as a people.

The importance of holding unblemished for Future Generations, the Beauty and Spiritual Roots of our Celtic Inheritance, cannot be overstressed.

We seek only to co-operate and will not get involved with any particular 'shade' of party politics.

Our Hope and Faith is that, with Women, Children and Men of like Spirit, we will create immediate and effective ways of enhancing and passing on our Inheritance.

We want our country, Ireland, to be an example and inspiration in a World placed under siege by misguided interests which value Profits over Prudence and Reality. Even alas, over the well-being of created Creatures and Life itself.

Total Recall

Co-operation, not competition, is the very basis of all life systems and of future survival.

Articles in Issue 3:

Beltaine Moon | The Ass and his Shadow | Biogas | Dowsing | The Green Man | For the Sisters | Uses of Hemp | Return to the Garden | Recycling Again | Poem by Nora | Hillside | The Garden | Encounter with a Leprachaun | Emer | Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

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