Italian Navy
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Ships of the Italian Navy:

Guiseppe Garibaldi class VSTOL aircraft carrier

The flagship of the Italian Navy is the aircraft carrier MM Garibaldi, built by Fincantieri of Genoa and commissioned in 1985. Garibaldi (C551) is classed as a CVS - Aircraft Carrier ASW (Anti-submarine Warfare). The ship is capable of carrying 18 helicopters or an air squadron of vertical or short take off and landing (VSTOL) aircraft. The carrier can carry out anti-submarine warfare, command and control of naval and aero-naval forces, area surveillance, convoy escort, commando transportation, and fleet logistic support.

Vittorio Veneto helicopter cruiser

The Vittorio Veneto is a purpose built helicopter cruiser that followed from the design of the Andrea Doria class of the 1950s. The addition of a second deck gave her a much greater helicopter capacity.  A large central lift is set immediately aft of the superstructure and two sets of fin stabilizers make her a very steady helicopter platform. She has gone through two major refits in 1981 and 1984 which have upgraded her weaponry and radars. Her previous role of Italian flagship was handed over to the carrier Guiseppe Garibaldi in 1995.

Luigi Durand de la Penne class destroyers

The Durand De La Penne Class destroyers were built by Fincantieri for the Italian Navy. The first of class ship, MM Luigi Durand De La Penne (D560), and the second, MM Francesco Mimbelli (D561), were commissioned in 1993. The Durand De La Penne destroyers are 5000 ton multi-role warships able to perform anti-air defence for protecting task forces and convoys, anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare operations, assistance during landing operations and coastal bombardment

Audace class destroyers

Ordered in the late 1960s, these two ships were derived from the Impavido class, but incorporated a number of important advances. A larger , more seaworthy hull was adopted and most of the weaponry is of Italian design. Armament: 1 Mk13 launcher (40 SM-1MR), 8 Otomat SSM, 1 8-cell Albatros SAM (Aspide missiles), 1 5/54 DP, 4 76 mm OTO DP, 2 triple 12.75 inch torpedo tubes.

Maestrale class frigates

An enlarged and much improved Lupo design. The most notable difference is the larger hangar housing two helicopters and the more modern weaponry and sensors. Armament: 4 Otomat SSM, 8-cell Albatros SAM (24 Aspide missiles), 1 5/54 DP, 2 dual 40 mm AA, 2 21 inch torpedo tubes, 2 triple 12.75 inch torpedo tubes

Lupo class light frigates

This class was a major improvement over the previous Alpino class frigates, with a more "multirole" configuration and more modern and powerful weaponry. Designed for all around naval duties. These ships make excellent escorts with their fast speeds and effective weaponry.

Artigliere (modified Lupo) class patrol frigates

Armament: 8 Otomat SSM, 1 8-cell Albatros SAM (Aspide missiles), 1 5/54 DP, 2 dual 40 mm AA These Lupo-class frigates were built for Iraq in the early 1980's, but never delivered. They were taken over for the Italian Navy in 1992. They have been stripped of ASW systems and serve as patrol vessels.

Minerva class large corvettes

This class was built to replace the older corvettes of the DeCristofaro and Albatros
class).  While designated frigates and performing many of the jobs of them, these ships are perhaps best described as large corvettes.  Fitted for but not installed with Teseo SSMs, these ships are used mainly for patrol and escort duties

Primo Longobardo class coastal submarines

Displacement: 1,862 tons submerged Dimensions: 66.35 x 6.83 x 6 meters (217.5 x 22.5 x 19.5 feet) Propulsion: Diesel-electric, 3 diesels, 1 shaft, 3650 shp, 19 knots Crew: 50 Sonar: IPD-705 active/passive, MD 100S passive flank Armament: 6 21 inch torpedo tubes (12 torpedoes) Depth: 300 meters

Salvatore Pelosi class coastal submarines

Displacement: 1,662 tons submerged Dimensions: 64.36 x 6.83 x 5.66 meters (211 x 22.5 x 18.5 feet) Propulsion: Diesel-electric, 3 diesels, 1 shaft, 4,270 shp, 19 knots Crew: 50 Sonar: IPD-703 active/passive, MD 100S passive flank, M5 intercept Armament: 6 21 inch torpedo tubes (12 torpedoes) Depth: 300 meters

Nazario Sauro class coastal submarines

Displacement: 1,637 tons submerged Dimensions: 63.85 x 6.83 x 5.7 meters (209.5 x 22.5 x 18.5 feet) Propulsion: Diesel-electric, 3 diesels, 1 shaft, 4,270 shp, 19 knots Crew: 49 Sonar: IPD-70/S passive, M5 intercept Armament: 6 21 inch torpedo tubes (12 torpedoes) Depth: 300 meters

San Giorgio class small dock landing ships

The ships provide roll-on/roll-off landing capability for land embarkation; air lift through the use off high capacity aircraft such as Chinook-type helicopters; and transportation by sea to shore, using the ship's own systems and landing ships for landing on unprepared shores.

Lerici class minehunters

Displacement: 520 tons full load Dimensions: 49.98 x 9.56 x 2.7 meters (164 x 31 x 9 feet) Propulsion: 1 diesel, 1 shaft, 1,840 bhp, 15 knots Crew: 47 Sonar: SQQ-14A minehunting (being replaced by SSN-7M + Type 2048) Armament: 1 20 mm

Etna small replenishment oiler

The Etna (A5326) is a naval replenishment and logistic support ship built for the Italian Navy by Fincantieri at their Riva Trigoso Naval Shipyard. Fincantieri were awarded the contract for the Etna in July 1995, and the ship was launched in July 1997. Following successful sea trials in November 1997 the ship was delivered in February 1998.

Stromboli class small fleet oilers

Displacement: 8,706 tons full load Dimensions: 129 x 18 x 6.5 meters (423 x 59 x 21 feet) Propulsion: 2 diesels, 1 shaft, 11,200 bhp, 19.5 knots Crew: 124 Aviation: aft helicopter deck Cargo: 1,370 tons fuel oil, 2,830 tons diesel, 480 tons aviation fuel, 200 tons misc stores Fire Control: SPG-70 gun control Armament: 1 76mm/62 DP, 2 20 mm

Harrier VSTOL carrier fighter and bomber

The Harrier II Plus is equipped with a multi-mode radar and has beyond-visual-range missile capability. The italian navy has 16 harriers.

Agusta Bell AB-212 ASW and Sikorsky SH-3D

There both used in the italian navy and on the aircraft carrier and assauslt ships main use for these helicopters is for transportation for militarty troops and material.

Brequet Atlantic

The Atlantique ATL3 maritime patrol aircraft, successor to the Atlantique ATL1 and ATL2, incorporates an enhanced weapon system with a maximum 9,000 kg payload, new technology engines, glass cockpit and sophisticated avionics and sensors. The ATL1, selected as the NATO Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft, entered service in 1966 and remains in service

NH 90

The NATO Frigate Helicopter (NFH) is one of two versions of the NH90 twin engine multirole helicopter being developed by NH Industries. The other version is the NH90 TTH Tactical Transport Helicopter.The primary missions of the NH90 NFH helicopter are in the autonomous anti submarine warfare (ASW) and anti-surface ship warfare (AsuW) role.