Satellite TV: Adjusting your Digibox


The signal and quality strength display varies from box to box. The pace sounds more accurate. Notice it is not calibrated in dB for strength or BER for quality, etc.

On a pace box I have it starts to mis-behave if quality goes below half. I'd say your dish is a bit off.

1) Unplug the box

2) Check F connector at box. Inner core should be visible and flush with inside of back of plug looking in. Inner copper wire should protrude about 2mm. Outer braid should be between coax insulation and outer barrel.

3) If you have rubber tape to reseal the connection check connection at the LNB.

4) Power up and put TV with signal meter where you can see it from Dish.

*** Don't obscure dish path, if dish is mounted low, crouch below the arm to adjust ***

5) Rotate LNB ONE click at a time in its case both ways to get maximum. Wait about a minute (till bargraphs change) between each click.

6) If quality is still below half, then continue: Scratch the pole and mount in several places so as to be able to fine original position!

7) Gently loosen the locking nuts to move dish Up/ Down. As before, do a VERY slight movement and wait for digibox to notice.

8) Then do East/West.

9) GENTLY lock all the nuts.

*** For a new installation steps 5 ... 8 often need to be repeated. Since you already have a signal, then once will likely be enough, unless one of the changes seems quite big.

Paint over scratches with nail varnish to stop rusting.

Put vaseline or similar over nuts / bolts etc to stop rust.


Satellite TV: Adjusting your Digibox