Satellite TV: F Connector


All you need is a sharp craft knife. The connector must be the Satellite type, not a Cable TV variety on which the inner hole is too small for the Satellite Cable inner core plastic. The small ones are nearly 3mm, the proper ones about 5mm.

Gently scribe around the outer plastic and slit it length-wise. Gently flex the cable to break the plastic and remove the outer.

The cable should have copper or aluminium foil, if it hasn't it is ONLY TV cable. Sky recommend copper foil, but if the run of cable is not too long or exposed aluminium will be fine.

Pull off the foil. If the braid is cut, start over again.

Push the braid back twisting as you go.

Now scribe the inner insulation (really part of a wave guide at these frequencies). About 3mm should be left. Enough for the thickness of the flange inside the connector.

Screw the connector gently onto the cable till the inner plastic is flush.

The finished connection:

Note the inner plastic is flush with the flat of the inside of the metal plate inside the connector.

Note that the inner copper core is protruding about 2 .. 3 mm, about 1/8 inch.

You can trim off excess braid.

Remember to wrap external connectors in "amalgamating" tape. Available in pipe repair kits. It is very rubbery and only sticks to itself when stretched