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The text of an Email to Police Commissioner Pat Byrne dated May 9th 2001 is reproduced below. It refers to
The National Monuments Act, 1930 (and the subsequent Amendments to this Principal Act).

The Email below has been copied to An Taisce (The National Trust of Ireland), to Bord Pleanála (The Planning Appeals Board), and to the Environment Protection Agency.

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List of threats to environment in East Galway

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From: William Finnerty
To: Police Commissioner Pat Byrne (Chief Officer, Garda Siochana)
Cc: Environment Protection Agency ; An Taisce ; Bord Pleanala
Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2001 10:50 AM
Subject: Protection of ancient monuments in East Galway.

Dear Commissioner Byrne,

On April 14th last I suddenly noticed (while driving in the area) that major changes had recently been made to a very interesting looking field beside the Hill of Grange (which is within a mile or so from where I live). 

The Hill of Grange (near the village of New Inn) is listed under the reference numbers 3383 (page 310), and 4013 (page 423) in the "Archaeological Inventory of County Galway" (ISBN reference: 0-7076-6179-X). This book is produced by Duchas, and published in 1999 by The Government Stationary Office.

Later that day (i.e. April 14th), I visited Loughrea Garda Barracks at around 6 p.m. and (in effect) asked the Gardai to find out if the very recent field alterations near Grange were made in accordance with the laws laid down in the National Monuments Act, 1930 (and the subsequent Amendments to this Principal Act).

As I recall it, the person I spoke with at Loughrea Barracks told me his name was Garda John Keena; that my visit that day (April 14th) was logged under the reference number 1220; and that the matter of the field alterations would be investigated. Since then, I have not heard anything from Loughrea Garda Barracks

On the evening of Friday April 20th I had a conversation with the local Garda for New Inn village (Mr.Tom Kenny). He informed me that he had not heard anything about my visit to Loughrea Barracks the previous Saturday. However, and as I recall our conversation, he said that he would inquire at Loughrea the following day, and that he would drop in to see me on the following Monday or Tuesday (i.e. April 23rd or 24th 2001). To date he has not called, and neither have I heard anything at all from him.

As I believe I mentioned to Garda Tom Kenny on April 20th, I do have photographs of the field in question: which were taken before and after the alterations referred to above; and I have in the meantime placed copies of two of these photographs on the semi-private www page address provided immediately below:

For the purpose of drawing attention to the fact that there are other ongoing environmental type problems in the New Inn area at present (apart from the one at Grange), I also (on April 14th) handed Garda John Keena a printed copy of the Email dated April 12th 2001 to Mr.Tom Kavanagh of Galway County Council. The full text of the Email in question is reproduced at the following www page address:  

The first paragraph of the Email to Mr.Kavanagh (at the www address immediately above) refers to a new £30 million pound ESB project involving large pylons and overhead cables: which appear to run very close to, and/or over, several ancient monuments (of one kind or another) in the East Galway area. I have now placed some photographic evidence connected with this matter at the following www page address:  Additional evidence can be seen by looking through the full 69 page set of the ESB project drawings; and, I (and others) are wondering if the planning permission - WHICH HAS NOW BEEN GRANTED - to the ESB by Galway County Council is in accordance with the laws laid down in the National Monuments Act, 1930 (and the subsequent Amendments to this Act) ? 

Still more threats to ancient monuments in the East Galway area are listed at the following www location: 

I would be very grateful to you if you could let me have written acknowledgement of receipt for this letter within the coming 14 days please. To cover for the possibility of Email delivery problems, I intend to send you a printed copy of this letter through the registered post later today.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. William Finnerty.

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Printed copies of the above Email sent to the following on May 9th 2001:

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We hope to keep this page updated as events develop.

(1) Note added on May 18th 2001:
The most recent amendment to the 1930 Principal Act is thought to be The National Monuments (Amendment) ACT, 1994: of which Section 12 is probably the most relevant to the Email above. To view, please click here.

(2) Notes added on May 27th 2001:
To date, the written acknowledgement of receipt requested from Commissioner Pat Byrne in the last paragraph of the above letter has not been received.

b) A scanned copy of the above letter (which was sent through the registered post on may 9th 2001) has now been added to this web site. To view, please click here.

c) A written acknowledgement of receipt (dated May 17th 2001) has been received from the Environment Protection Agency. This is much appreciated.


List of threats to environment in East Galway

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