Warplane Research Group of Ireland

Aircraft Crashes and Forced Landings during World War II.

1939 - 1945

 This Web Site was launched on the 9th of February, 2004.                                                       From anywhere in the world you can email us by clicking on W.R.G.I.

The W.R.G.I. was founded in Cork in 1981 as a specialised research organisation. It's aims can be summarised as follows:

  • 1    To undertake detailed research into the many air crashes and forced landings during World War II in the Republic of Ireland by the aircraft of all the combatant nations.
  • 2    To hold an Air Memorial Ceremony for a crew and aircraft when research on an individual crash or forced landing is completed.
  • 3    To share research material with genuine researchers in the same or similar fields.
  • 4    To maintain a computer data base on all the above incidents.
  • 5    To operate the W.R.G.I. on a non-profit making basis, and without funding from any Irish Government department to preserve the group's independence.
  • 6     To oppose the collection of aircraft wreckage, unless such items can be put on display in the area of the crash or given to crew or next of kin.
  • 7    To present lectures to historical societies and aviation interest groups.
    Crashes or Forced Landings in Co. Clare Crashes or Forced Landings in Co. Cork Crashes or Forced Landings in Co. Kerry Crashes or Forced Landings in Co. Waterford

    The W.R.G.I. is always glad to receive new information on any crash or forced landing in the Republic. The group is continuing its work, ensuring that the many aviators who died or landed in the country will not be forgotten.

    In trying to make this site as interesting as possible we have used data from third parties with their permission. It is not always possible to contact the owners of such data to ask permission but if notified we will be only too pleased to aske their permission to use their data and on receiving it to give credit to the source. This is a not-for-profit site and our prime intention is to give information.

    Latest update of this site was on the 18th of August, 2009.