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In this page you can read our RIDDLES and some POEMS we composed.

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Riddle 1:
What has 4 legs and has only 1 foot?

Riddle 2 :
What gets wetter the more it dries?


Riddle 3:
What's as light as a feather but a man cannot hold it for long?


Riddle 4 :
Why are football pitches always wet?

Riddle 5 :
What do you get if you cross a football team with an ice-cream?

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Enjoy reading our POEMS
A Limerick
I'm a trainee witch

There was a young man called De Clare,
Who came all the way from Rosslare,
He had a cat called Pat,
He kept it on a mat,
And he wasn't a bad sort to be fair.

I'm a trainee witch
My name is Joan
And today I tried
Some spells on my own.
I tried to turn a mat
Into a bat
And it ended up
As a little pussy cat.
I tried to turn a king
Into a mat
But he ended up
As an old man named Pat.

I tried to turn a clock
Into a pen
But it ended up
As a fluffy old hen.

I'm a trainee witch
My name is Joan
But I'm not very good
At spells on my own.

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