"Committed to preaching and teaching the Word of God in order to point men, women, young people, and boys and girls to Jesus Christ as their
Saviour and Lord."


























Meeting in

7 Yew Park,

Dublin Road,

Virginia, Co. Cavan.

Alternate Tuesdays at 8:30pm

Series for 2004

“The Master & His Disciple Course”

Date               Subject

6th Jan.           Lesson 1: Salvation - Assurance (1a)

20th Jan.         Lesson 2: Salvation – New Life (1b)

3rd Feb.          Lesson 3: Spiritual Food – The Importance of God’s Word (2a)

17th Feb.        Lesson 4: Spiritual Food – How to read and study God’s Word (2b)

2nd March      Lesson 5: Speaking to God – How to pray (3a)

16th March     Lesson 6: Speaking to God – God hears prayer (3b)

6th April         Lesson 7: The Ordinances – Baptism (4a)

13th April       Lesson 8: The Ordinances – The Lord’s Supper (4b)

27th April       Lesson 9: The Church – The importance of the local church (5a)


11th May       Lesson 10: The Church – The importance of church membership (5b)

25th May       Lesson 11: The Church – The importance of loyalty to the church (6a)

8th June         Lesson 12: The Church – The Finance of the church (6b)

                        ********* Summer Break *********

28th Sept.        Lesson 13: Love – His love for us and our love for Him (7a)

12th Oct.         Lesson 14: Love – Our Worship of Him and love for others (7b)

26th Oct.         Lesson 15: Service – Jesus makes it possible; the Bible demands it (8a)

9th Nov.          Lesson 16: Service – Attitude and Reward (8b)

23rd Nov.        Lesson 17: New Life – Sanctification (9a)

7th Dec.           Lesson 18: New Life – The Christian and the world (9b)

21st Dec.         Lesson 19: The Holy Spirit – His Person (10a)

11th Jan 2005       Lesson 20: The Holy Spirit and the Believer (10b)

25th Jan 2005       Lesson 21: The Holy Spirit and His authority (11a)


8th Feb 2005        Lesson 22: The Fruit of the Holy Spirit and The Church (11b)


22nd Feb 2005      Lesson 23: Evangelism – The Challenge and our Witness (12a)

8th March 2005    Lesson 24: Evangelism – The Presentation of the Gospel (12b)

22nd March 2005  Lesson 25: Evangelism – The Presentation of the Gospel (12c)

Speaker - Ian Grant (Tel: 049 4332921)