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Heritage Campus 1999
Clare Island - St. Bridget's Abbey


A European Heritage Campus will take place on the island in August 1999. This year's project will involve St. Bridget's Abbey, the small Cistercian abbey which survived in a ruinous condition until the middle of this century, at which stage the chancel was re-roofed. In the nave only the walls survive. The chancel retains remains of paintings of the 14th and 15th centuries, which are currently undergoing conservation. In the context of Ireland these paintings represent a significant and exceptional survival.

Once the conservation of the Paintings is completed the management of this unique site will have to be facilitated. The Campus will aim to contribute to this management programme, including  designs for the exclusion of climatic elements. In addition a means of controlling the light levels, adjustable ventilation and temperature will be required.

This should be achieved in a sympathetic way causing least visual interference to the existing structure. Collaboration with the conservators will be essential,

In addition, feasability work will be carried out as to a display area in the nave. Some of the Campus participants will be given the task of assembling all relevant documentation on the wall paintings for the display as well as a more comprehensive collation suitable as a published guide.

  • 3 - 4 persons with an architecture and / or engineering background
  • 3 - 4 persons with a fine arts/design/photography background
  • 2 persons with an historical/art history background

will be required for a four weeks campus.


If you would like further information,  contact us


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