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Symposia & Historical Safaris


Sept.1994July 1995

September 1993                July 1995

The first Clare Island Symposium was organized in 1989. 

The idea was to gather together subject experts, lovers of islands, and islanders, to explore together a specific topic concerning Clare Island, or islands in general. 

In 1989, the theme was the Clare Island Survey.  Paul Gosling, archaeologist; Dave McGrath, marine biologist; Juliet Brody, botanist; Gordan Darcy, naturalist; Tim Collins, Praeger's biographer, Adrian Phillips, geologist, gave talks, led fieldtrips and exchanged ideas amongst themselves and those who were taking part in the weekend. 

The result was truly multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, a 'Praeger' weekend.  That year, the Royal Irish Academy announced the commencement of the feasability of the New Survey of Clare Island, and since then the Centre and indeed the Symposium, has had close links with the Academy. 

Since then, a number of symposia have taken place, covering such topics as:

the origins of human settlement on the island, the marine influence on the island, the importance of lighthouses on islands and in particular, the Clare Island lighthouse, the effects of the Congested Districts Board on land-use and identity. 

The late Prof. Frank Mitchell, Dr. John deCourcey Ireland, Dr. Kevin Whelan, Prof. Roger Stalley, Dr. Seamus Caufield, Paul Gosling, Tim Collins, Prof. Adrian Phillips, Dr. David Cabot, Anne Chambers, the late Tony Whilde, to name but a few have given talks, led fieldtrips and contributed greatly to the spirit of the Clare Island Symposium.

The next symposium will take place in late August 1999 and will take as its theme the unique medieval wall paintings in the Cisterician Abbey on the island.


Historical SafariHistorical Safaris: Since 1990 we have been conducting day-long Historical safaris on the island for groups of a minimum of six people.  Clare Island's human and natural history are explored from a multi- and inter-disciplinary perspective





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