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Photographer of the Year
Details and results from the monthly project of the Photographer of the Year competition can be accessed here.

The Photographer of the Year is an integral part of the Society calendar. It consists of monthly projects where images are presented on the club night and each of the members present on the night awards a score from zero to ten to each image except their own. The highest score for each member accumulates over the year and the member with the highest score at the end of the year is awarded the Photographer of the Year. Full rules are available here.

In the early days of the Society guest judges were invited in to judge the monthly projects. However, invariably the external judges idea of what constituted a good images was at variance with the society members'. This is why we judge the images ourselves which has the added bonus of developing the ability of each and every member to critically appraise photographic images.

A handicap system is in operation to give inexperienced members a fighting chance to become the photographer of the year.
Annual Competition
The annual competition takes place each year and is an opportunity for photographers to showcase their best work from throughout the year. Prizes are awarded for colour print, black and white print, slide and photo essay entries. It's a grand prix event with a scoring system similar to that used for the Photographer of the Year. Trophies and prizes are presented at the annual dinner.

A progressive and independent minded photographic society.

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