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Scouting in Ireland awards merit badges to Scouts , who have successfully completed the topic for which the badge is awarded. There are also four main badges which correspond to a Scouts climb of the Scouting ladder. These are, the Tracker Badge, the Explorer Badge, the Star Scout Badge and the National Scout Badge. Finally, an ultimate award, The Chief Scout Award can be attained for exceptionally dedicated scouts. Nearly all Scouts reach the Star Scout level, so naming everybody who has got a Star Scout Badge would take forever.Therefore I will name all the National and Chief Scout awards achieved by the Troop.

The chief Scout is the highest individual award a Scout can receive. In order to qualify a Scout must complete the 4 previous stages.

He then applies to the Chief Scout for his award. The Scout then attends an interview with the Chief Scout. During this interview, the Chief gets to know the Scout and what his interests are. He then gives the Scout a topic (usually something of interest to the Scout) and the Scout must produce a project.

To attain the award is not easy and requires many hours, weeks and months of research and learning on the topic. The project is then submitted and one waits in anticipation of a fovourable reply from the Chief. The St. Pauls Scout troop has achieved 15 Chief Scout awards.

The Chief Scout Award.

1985 Gary Gordon
Project: Justice System
1986 John White
Project: Army
Marcus Ryan
Project: Waterford Crystal
1987 Joseph Fitzgerald
Project: N.A.S.A. Space Exploration
Noel Meaney
Project: Architecture in Waterford
Kevin Hughes
Project: F.A.I.
1988 Jeremy Sutton
Project: Bonsai Plants
Geoffrey Sutton
Project: Build a Bridge
Keith Bradfield
Project: Nursing
1989 Keith Ryan
Project: Profile on Protestant Religion
Thomas Durney
Project: History of the Irish Cross
1993 Aaron Hennessy
Project: To make a Writing Bureau
1997 Keith Walsh
Project: To produce a Video of Regional &
National Scouting Events.
Declan Kelly
Project: To produce an Orienteering Map.
Kevin Butler
Project: History of Waterford.
1998 Conor Kenny
Project: History of Nirvana.