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Better Health Plan

A medical student decided to study sexual dysfunction as his speciality. On his first day in the hospital, the chief doctor decided to show him around and to start teaching his new student about this area of medicine. As part of the training, the chief doctor decided to bring the student around to all the patients in his wing so the student could see firsthand some of the diseases. The doctor opened the first patient's door and the student was stunned to see the patient masturbating. The doctor explained that this patient had a rare sexual dysfunction that if he didn't have an orgasm every five minutes (imagine the cramps!), he would go into traumatic shock. The Chief Doctor proceeded to show the medical student different patients and carefully explained each problem so the student would understand well.

Finally they came upon another room and when the doctor opened the door, the student was shocked to see a nurse performing oral sex on the patient. Confused, the student asked, "What disease does this man have?" "Oh," said the doctor, "He has the same problem as the first patient, he just has a better health plan."

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