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The nice people at Doras gave this site a Review! Only 3 out of 5 but what the hell, not like I promote the college ;)


[ 12 August 2000 ]

  • Long time no update? Shite happens!
  • Thats the URL for the WAP version of the site (WAP is CRAP!)

[ 01 July 2000 ]
  • New address for this site!

[ 29 June 2000 ]
  • Results are over and done with so have a Guinness on me... really do, click here!
  • I've guessed you've heard of WAP (Wireless Application Protocol - I think) mobile phones? If you've got access to one, or even better have one, try the WAP site! The address is longish so, I doubt you'll remember or even bother to visit it... anyways, the address is
    Should work fine and I thinks it looks good!

[ 23 June 2000 ]
  • Yep, I know I don't spell FuNnYs right... but thats the way which this web-site spells it!

[ 16 June 2000 ]
  • The results page on the page is so all over the place I'm not going to even try to have the results on this page :(
  • The other bad thing is that you (yes you) are not sending FUNNYs, those jokes you get in your e-mail... Please, start sending them to or

[ 15 June 2000 ]
  • Well, let the truth be known, I'll be in the Repeats :)
  • Loads of people have visited within the last few days! But none of yea signed the Guestbook...

[ 12 June 2000 ]
  • We get out results of our tests this week, get ready to rumble!

[ 3 June 2000 ]
  • The whole site is now fully working! Found loads of errors and stuff...
  • Some new text at the bottom of the 'Main Page'

[ 24 May 2000 ]
  • Finished my tests, kind of happy that the tests are over but sad that I won't see some of the people from my year again :(
  • If you want to drop me an e-mail, its
  • Hope to see all of you that know me in the coming months either by chance around and about, at the repeat tests (yep, should be doing lots of repeats) or in college at the end of the summer!
  • I will hopefuly includeing the test results on this web site! Thats if the college web site has them, so all you should have to do is to go to to see if you passed or failed ;)

[ 3 February 2000 ]
  • Cleaned up some of the broken links and stuff
  • Updated the Links section
  • Removed old news as the page was getting too long!

[ 13 January 2000 ]
  • Do you know how much the 'Personal Organisers' cost you? & How much the College wasted on making them? Click here to download the full news!
  • I've just added some great pictures of Dublin! So, if your from Dublin, you might want to have a gander! Click here to have a look!
  • I updated some of the links to the Oceanfree stuff!
  • Isn't it a bit wierd writing the year 2000?
  • Oh yea, Happy New Year!

[ 24 October 1999 ]

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