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If I ever find out who placed Dundalk in Louth...
Phily - 12 August 2000

hehe! I passed! This job thing sucks!  Yea get money and you have to go drinking with the lads... and you know me, I can't hold my drink for the life of me... Yep... Its like throwing drink into a barrel of saw dust! meiow... I failed...

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If you want to drop me an e-mail, its PHILY@OCEANFREE.NET... Yep, some people don't know thats my name :)
Anyways, you have reached! This site is meant to be an Internet resource for all the people in Dundalk College who want to be able to get quick and easy access to the most visited sites that any student would access on an everyday basis. All you have to type in is in the url or address bar and you should be brought to this page. From here you can access your student mail, your mail account(s) on Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Oceanfree Mail. You can access chat rooms such as Collegechat, Oceanfree Chat, Yahoo Chat and the now famous FUNNYs page and any other resourses that anyone requests a link for! I you want to help me make this a useful and visited page do e-mail me at and I will look into your ideas!
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