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A Joke In Irish

Don't know Irish, but I get the joke... sort of...
(Tip: Its in the punch line...)

Bhi dha fear IRA ag siul sios an bothar i mBeal Feirste agus chonaic siad fear amhain ina seasamh in aice an balla.
Duirt fear amhain ar an fear eile...
"An ceapann tu go bhfuil an fear seo in san UVF?"
Arsa an fear eile...
"Ni ceapaim."

If you don't understand the joke (I know I didn't), heres a ruff translation from a mate!

Two IRA men were walking down a road in Belfast and they saw a lone man sitting at the side of a wall.
The first IRA man said to the other man...
"Do you think that man is in the UVF?"
The other man said...
"Ni ceapaim." ((Knee-cap 'im))

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