Lost Songs 95-98:

iht Records 2000
Produced by:
David Gray

  • Flame Turns Blue (to be announced)

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1. Flame Turns Blue
2. Twilight
3. Hold On
4. As I'm Leaving
5. If
Your Love is Real
6. Tidal Wave
7. Falling
Down the Mountainside
8. January Rain
9. Red Moon
10. Clean Pair of Eyes

About this album
Lost Songs '95-'98 is David Gray's long-awaited acoustic album, featuring previously-unrecorded songs from those years when he was in-between record labels. The styles are reminiscent of the time of the Flesh and Sell Sell Sell albums, simple, heartfelt songs that grow on you with each listen.

Put simply, this is a brilliant album. Anyone who thought fame may have gone to his head will realise that the magic is still there; David Gray has produced a gem of an album that may confuse recent converts who have only just discovered White Ladder, but will be the missing link to the rest of us. Each of the 11 songs is unique and is delivered with soul, feeling and freshness. 

Initially, this album has been released only in Ireland - David says it is a gift to the Irish fans that have supported him for so long. However, fans outside Ireland can purchase the album over the Internet (see link on left).

It is yet to be confirmed, but Flame Turns Blue is suspected to be the first single, although many other songs, particularly Falling Down The Mountainside Clean Pair of Eyes could be singles too. Already, David has begun to play some of these songs live, where they sound great.

For recent interviews where David talks about the inspirations behind Lost Songs, visit the archives section.


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