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Title: The Barking Ghost

Author: RL Stine

Publisher: Scholastic

My name is Christopher Kirk. I picked this book because I like Goosebumps books. It is about this boy named Cooper who has always been a scarred-cat. Everything frightens him. But when his family move to a new house deep in the woods, he’s more scared than ever. What are those strange noises in the night? Who is that weird girl who gives him a terrible warning? The worst thing is that no one believes Cooper when he tells them what’s happening. But then nobody else heard that bone-chilling barking late at night. Or saw those evil-looking dogs disappear into thin air…

There are thirty-one chapters in the book. You can buy Goosebumps books in the Book Centre or you can get them out for two weeks in the Public Library. In the book Cooper went out in his back garden and hung out of the tree and then he got bored and decided to go in but then a girl named Margaret grabbed hem and tripped him up. She had red hair and it was frizzy and it stuck out in a million directions. She had big green eyes. She wore a bright red T-sheet and red shorts. She reminded me of a rag doll that Todd’s little sister used to carry around. I really enjoyed the book.

That’s all I can write about the book and I hope that other people will read it. I would give it ten out of ten because I thought it was very good. I would recommend it to children over seven years of age. I look forward to reading my next "Goosebumps" book.

Written by: Christopher Kirk