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Title: The Matchless Mice's Adventure

Author: Tony Hickey

Publisher: The Children's Press

My name is Christopher Patrick Murray. I live in   Tramore, Co. Waterford,Ireland. I am nine years of age and I am in third class in Edmund Rice Primary School. I like this story because of it's title. This story is about   a cat called Fred; a mouse called Scratch and other mice called Grandfather Matchless and Grandmother Matchless. My favourite character in the book is Fred the cat. It is written by an Irish writer called Tony Hickey.The pictures are  done by a famous Irish painter named Pauline Bewick.

This story is about when Fred and Scratch get into a lot of trouble with the T.C.G. (Tough Cat Gang). Then Fred and Scratch are taken for a spin in a car and find themselves on a farm with lots of chickens, a sheep, a dog, cows, pigs and birds. Fred and Scratch were very frightened but then they became kind of used to the animals and then they became good friends. Grandfather and Grandmother Matchless was still looking for them back at home then Fred and Scratch friends helped them get home and they all lived happily ever after.

I would give this story nine out of ten and I would strongly recommend it to young people.

Written by:
Christopher Patrick Murray