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CliffB.jpg (13778 bytes)Title: The Ghost family Robinson at the seaside

Author: Martin Waddell

Publisher: Read alone

My name is Cliff English. My book is about two families one of them are called the Robinson’s and they are all ghosts and they live to frighten Tom and his Mum and Dad. Tom and his family were all going to the seaside for the day without the ghost family Robinson but the Robinson’s followed Tom and his family to the seaside.

When they got there the Robinson’s started to make trouble. Tom and his Dad were riding on the dodgems and empty cars were bumping into them. Then things started happening on the other rides. Three sticks of candyfloss went for a ride all by themselves on the wooden horses.

Tom heard a loud ‘Boom! Boom!’ and he went quickly to find Hetty Robinson to see if she could stop her Dad from firing his cannon. Tom could see Harold and the ghost pirate ship and he could see the pirates as well. Harold was firing the cannon. Pirates yelled at the old folk in the deck chairs but they couldn’t see them. The pirate ship came alongside the pier to fight Harold, the ghost but nobody saw them because they were all ghosts. Then all the ghosts moved together and it was like a big wind, everything was flying everywhere. Then they all went home on the train again.

I liked reading this book. I thought it was very funny. It you want a good laugh read it. I would give it ten out of ten.

Written by: Cliff English