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Daniel G B.jpg (12207 bytes)Title: ONE NIL

Author: Tony Bradman

Publisher: Puffin Books

My name is Daniel Goggin. I live in a seaside resort called Tramore, Co. Waterford. I picked this book as I’m really interested in soccer and I knew it would be a good book.

Dave Brown and his best friend Derek are the main characters. Dave is totally obsessed with football; he eats drinks and sleeps football. He is constantly getting into trouble at school for not concentrating on his lessons, while he dreams about playing for England in the World Cup final. Dave’s best friend Derek hears the news that the England squad is to visit their local football grounds for a practice session before a big game against France, in a World Cup Qualifier.

However he has to go to school on the Thursday morning, so how will he get off school to go and watch his heroes train at the city ground? Dave thought up the idea, if he played sick on Wednesday night he would get the day off on Thursday and he could go and watch his heroes train while his Mum was at work. He hoped he would get home before her. She would never know how he conned her.

He had a brilliant time with his England heroes. Their manager even allowed him and Derek to play a five-a-side game with them. Dave scored the only goal in a one-nil victory with a brilliant diving header. There were a lot of photographers at the session and the boys felt like superstars.

Dave’s plan worked to perfection, however he felt really ill on the way home and had to stay in bed the following day also. On Friday morning his Mum called up to his room to see how he was feeling as he looked and felt terrible, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as he felt when his Mum showed him the morning paper. There was a photograph of him with the English manager at the city ground.

Dave’s Mum realized that had been skiving off school and punished him by not allowing him to play football outside school for a month. Dave said "But Mum I really am sick today". His Mum replied, "I believe you but thousand’s wouldn’t" and with that she left the room and closed the door and shouted back –

"Mum one – nil son".

I rate it ten out of ten. I hope to read more books on sporting heroes.

Written by: Daniel Goggin