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Title: Matilda

Author: Roald Dahl

Publisher: Ted Smart

My name is Donal Cowman. I picked this book because when I was sick, Sir gave me this book to read. I thought it was so brilliant, I got my own copy. The book is about a girl called Matilda Wormwood and her wicked parents Mr. & Mrs. Wormwood.

Matilda‘s parents paid hardly any attention to her. When Matilda’s was just four she already knew how to read. Her father was a crook who sold second-hand cars, with over 10,000 miles on the clock. When Maltilda was five and a half she went to school for the first time. Her teacher was Miss Harney and an absolutely wicked principal was Miss Trunhbull.

Matilda’s friend is Lavender who sits next to her at school. One day when Matilda and Lavender were out in the yard a girl from sixth grade (called Hortensia) came over to them. She started to talk about the Trunhbull and the narrow chamber with glass sticking out of the walls and nails sticking out of the door where you had to stand all the time you were in there. Miss Honey’s aunt is Miss Trunhbull. Miss Honey’s father (died when she was five) was Magnus (the trunhbull called him). Then one day Matilda had to move to another country.

I’ll stop here, so I won’t spoil the story. I give this story ten out of ten. I would recommend this book to every young person. I look forward to reading more Roald Dahl’s books.

.Written by: Donal Cowman