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Title: Bad Hare Day

Author: R.L. Stine.


I really enjoyed this book.The story starts with a boy called Tim,that wants to be a magician, and like his hero the great Amaz-O, he could make his annoying little sister Ginny disappear. One night Tim gets to see Amaz-O’s show, and somehow he gets hold of Amaz-O’s box of tricks!

He knew he should return it, but "just one peep inside can’t do any harm" he thought. But then things get completely out of control. Ginny ate a carrot out of the box. The carrot dropped on to the grass. Ginny’s nose twitched. Then she began to shrink, and as she shrank, her hair turned pink. White fur and whiskers sprouted from her face. She grew smaller furrier, and whiter. "I don’t believe it Foz " his friend gasped.
Then they went to Amaz-O and gave the box back to him and begged him to turn Ginny back to a girl, which he did
I got this book because I liked it.I hope to read many more "Goosebumps" books. Loads of  lads in the class read them. We sometimes swoop them.You can read many book reports on these books on our site. They are very popular.If you are a "goosebumps " fanwhy not get in touch with me.

I got this book in the library. I would give this book 9 out of 10.

Written by:

Edward Battye 
Third Class 1998