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Title: Young Hippo Magic

Author: Malorie Blackman

Publisher: Hippo

My name is Gerald Condron. I picked the book because I liked the title. The book is about a boy called Alex and his friend called Mike who were playing the bedroom for a while. Then all of a sudden Mike ran out of the bedroom. Then Alex was at something for flies and turned into a fly and then Mike came in and he turned into a fly for a long time. It took them one hour to change into a human again. Their Mother and Father gave out wicked to the two of them and Alex got grounded for a week and a half and they never went at it again.

I think it is an excellent book and I would recommend nine out of ten. It is for eight years plus and over. I would like to own it. This is my first time reading it. It belongs to the library. No one told me about the book.

Written by: Gerald Condron