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Title: Noddy and his Money

Author: Enid Blyton

Publisher: BBC Children's Books

My name is John Kelly. This is a nice book to read. It is about being good to your friends. Noddy worked very hard and saved up all his money. He said to himself that he must not be greedy. I will buy some presents for my friends, so off he went. The first person he met was Mrs. Tubby bear. She said she would like some help with her housework. The next person Noddy met was Milko. He said he would like a new pair of shoes. The next person was Tessie. She was very cross because Bumpy the dog broke he blue teapot.

Noddy said he would buy presents for them ah but he did not know that the two goblins were listening to him. They wanted to steal his money but his friend Big Ears would help him. Noddy and Big Ears set a trap and Mr. Plod took them away to the police station. Noddy was very happy because he could buy some presents for his friends in peace. Noddy gave a big tea party and gave all his friends presents.

I liked this book and read it with my Mammy. I hope to get other Noddy books in the Library. There are nice pictures in the book. Noddy has a lovely car. It is yellow and red. Noddy has a blue hat with a bell at the end of it. Our teacher reads us nice stories.

Written by: John Kelly