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Title: Riverside - The Street League

Author: Peter Regan

Publisher: The Children's Press

My name is Kevin Daly. I picked this book because I read it two years ago. I am in third class. The book is about a 14-year-old boy’s summer holidays. He is on football team in the street league, which was set up by a grumpy lady called Mrs. O’Leary.

What do you do when your U-14 team and soccer is finished and there’s nothing to do till September? Well, Jimmy Quinn and his friends Med, Victor, Chippy and Flinstone were in that situation until Mrs. O’Leary came along with her handbag and before you could say O’Leary, OLE! There was this street league with everyone pitching in – Palemo, Fassaroe, Wolfe, Tone, Charnwood, you name it. Meanwhile Chippy’s Granny’s ghost was down in the graveyard drinking Guinness (so he said) and Jimmy was writing this for the boot-of-the-Year award, Chippy was helping him and his Dad was a pain in the neck.

I would give this book a good ten out of ten. I would recommend this book to anybody aged eight or over.

.Written by: Kevin Daly