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Title: The Legend of the Phantom Highwayman

Author: Tom McCaughran

Publisher: Acorn Books "The Children's Press"

My name is Lawrence Lynagh. I picked this book because I like Tom McCaughran books. The people in this book are Tapser, Mr. Stockman, Cowlick, Hugh Rua, The Phantom Highwayman, Mr. McAdam, Roisin, Rachel and Peppi.

From the darkness of his bedroom, Tapser listened to the babble of voices in the kitchen. He had gone to bed early as he was getting a lift to the glen with Mr. Stockman. So he was also looking forward to seeing his cousin Cowlick again. Last year when Cowlick had visited him they had helped to solve the mystery of the legend of the Golden Key.

"Not to mention Hugh Rua", said another.

"They say he’s been seen again".

"Aye" laughed Tapser’s Father, "It’s wouldn’t do if you ran into the phantom highwayman".

"Och now", said Mr. Stockman, "I never met a man yet that saw a phantom".

Because they did the journey in stages, I suppose you can imagine what some of the roads were like in the days before Mr. McAdam thought of a way of making better ones. It was hard going and as well as picking up passengers, the coachman had to stop here and there to feed and water horses or get a fresh team. Just then, Cowlick’s sister Roisin and Rachal burst in and dumped a bucket beside the kitchen sink. "Look," cried Rachal, pointing down at the farmhouse, "There’s Peppi". "Come on, who‘s Peppi"? Tapser asked Cowlick as they followed at a trot. Tapser could see that Peppi was very popular, as there was a great competition to see who could get down to the yard first.

I would recommend eight out of ten. I drop 2 marks because some of the words were hard. His first book for children’s was The Legend of the Golden Key and The Legend of the Phantom Highwayman is his second and the third is The Legend of the Corrib.

.Written by: Laurence Lynagh