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shaneB.jpg (13637 bytes)Title: The Magic Finger

Author: Roald Dahl

Publisher: A Young Puffin

My name is Shane Walsh. My favourite character in the book is the girl. She was kind and she liked animals. With her finger she could almost do anything. The farm next door belonged to the Greggs. They had two children they were two boys. Their names are William and Philip.

One day Mr. Gregg took his boys out hunting. They liked to go hunting for birds. Once they killed a young deer. I don’t like when they kill animals. It makes me so cross. I just see red and get very hot all over. Then my finger gets a tingle and a flash comes out and touches the person who has made me cross. When the Magic Finger is upon him or her things begin to happen.

Well the Magic Finger was now upon the whole of the Gregg family and there was no taking it off again. I ran home and waited for things to happen. They happened fast. I shall now tell you what those things were. I got the whole story from Philip and William the next morning, after it was all over. In the afternoon of the very same day that the girl I put the Magic Finger on the Gregg family, Mr. Gregg, Philip and William went out hunting once again.

This time they were going after wild ducks so they headed towards the lake. In the first hour they got ten birds. In the next hour they got another six.

"What a day!" cried Mr. Gregg. "This is best yet!"

He was beside himself with joy. Just then four more wild ducks flew over their heads. They were flying very low. They were easy to hit BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! went the guns. The ducks flew on.

"We missed!" said Mr. Gregg. "That’s funny."

Then to everyone’s surprise the four flew back to the guns.

I would give it ten out of ten.

Written by: Shane Walsh