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Title: Around the World in Eighty Days

Author: Jules Verne

Publisher: Ladybird Children's Classics

My name is Steven Carroll. Around the world in eighty days is my favorite book. It is about a man called Phileas Fogg. He was a rich man but he only had one servant. After a while he changed his servant.

He had tea at exactly 8.23a.m. each morning. At 9.37a.m his servant took him his shaving water heated to exactly 86 F. One day while playing cards with his friends, he heard that the Bank of England of 55,000 thousand pounds had been robbed. Phileas Fogg decided to bet 20,000 and that he could travel the world in 80 days.

He left England with Passepartout, his servant. They travelled through a Europe, Asia and America. They travelled by ship and train mostly. During the journey a detective called Fix thought that Phileas Fogg was the bank robber so he followed him for the rest of the journey and caught him and put him in jail. Then they found out that the real bank robber was caught so Phileas Fogg got let out of jail. Soon after they arrived home he thought he lost his bet but he didn’t because he had forgotten to adjust his watch.

It was a brilliant book I would give it nine out of ten.

.Written by: Steven Carroll