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My name is David Clarke. I am eleven years old. I am in fifth class.I chose the b*witched callcard because they are my favourite band. B*witched are a band of four girls Edele,Keavy,Sinead and Lindsay. My favourite songs are "C’est la vie",which means ‘that’s life’ and "To you I belong" and "Blame it on the weatherman". B*witched grew up in Dublin and they are an Irish band. The card was issued in 1998. It was brought out to remind us to reach out and remember old people who live on their own. On the card B*witched dropped in on an old man and had a cup of tea. They are asking us to care for our old neighbours. I do not call on old person because I am only in Tramore for two years. Friends and neighbours call to my granny in Dublin.She is eighty five years old. She is in a nursing home. She is my granny O'Hanlon.On my Dad's side both grandparents are alive. They live in Dublin as well, near Dun Laoghaire.

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David Clarke