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This is a McDonald’s Callcards. There is Big Mac and it represents McDonald’s. McDonald is so lovely it tickles a lot. So when you are in McDonald’s ask for a Big Mac.You find McDonald's Restaurants everywhere nowadays. You can get all sorts of meals there now. You can get chicken, fish, and now Chinese food, called McChicken. You can also get Chicken McNuggets and a dip.

You also get drinks like Coke, Fanta ,7- Up and tea or coffee.

You can also get doughnuts and apple tart and  have with a cup of tea.

You can eat in the restaurant or get a take away. In Waterford there are two McDonald's. One in the centre of town and the second outside the city, which is a drive in. You drive up to a sign and a person inside asks for your order, you speak into a window and you then drive on a small bit and you pay your money. You then drive to a second window where you get your food. You then drive to the car Park and enjoy. If there are a lot of people in the car, things get messy as people bump into one another.

By -:

Eddie Lonergan